About Us


Our adventure began over a century ago, when grandfather Eusebio pursued his passion and started producing extra virgin olive oil in Rocca San Giovanni, Abruzzo, in the heart of the Costa dei Trabocchi.

Electricity in the village was one of the greatest achievements of the time: from horse-powered millstones, electric mills arrived. In the 1960s, the pressing process became unique, and nylon replaced coconut fiber as a filtering material.
Thanks to the first hydraulic presses, oxidation of the oil was reduced, and its quality increased.

In the 1990s, Enzo, Eusebio’s grandson, replaced all the machinery but once again chose traditional processing techniques. Stainless steel replaced iron in all parts in contact with the olives and oil. The storage room is air-conditioned, heated in winter, and cooled in summer: this improves the oil’s preservation, and its organoleptic properties remain unchanged.

At Antico Frantoio Guido Giardino, we have always been attentive to technological innovation to obtain excellent extra virgin olive oil.